Learn about statistics with McMonopoly

Gambling, by careful design, is a losing proposition whenever you are not the ‘house’. But, it takes some familiarity with statistics and critical thinking to see what’s going on.

This clever game helps you understand why you shouldn’t go to McDonalds just to play their Monopoly game. You choose a prize you want to win and the game buys fictional Big Macs for you until, according to the official odds of winning and a statistical model, you win the prize. Afterwards, you get to know how many calories you consumed and how much money you spent playing the game.

You might get lucky and win the prize using less money than you spent at McD’s. But, much more often, you will learn that a cheaper contest is to go to a store and pay for the prize directly. You will have plenty of money left over to buy some balloons and champagne to celebrate your victory!

Many countries have no purchase necessary versions of popular contests.


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